ALE TRAIL . . . . . . . . .GC3RRP3

P3's Pub History

The history for this pub used to be available outside the building, but as this has been removed, I have created a webpage so you can answer Stage 3's questions. To get to this webpage, you must provide a password. You will need to visit Stage 3 to determin the password.

When you get to the pub, look on the ground for a silver circle, close to the entrance. Take the shortest word on the circle and use in the password.

Construct the password out of the name of the pub at Stage 3, plus the word. So, for example, if Stage 3 is "Bull and Bush", and your silver word is "Baby", then your password is "bullandbushbaby".

Enter your password to see the history (Lower case, remove any spaces/punctuation and be careful with your spelling).

Enter password: